Berghof Foundation

United States Institute for Peace (USIP)

28 April 2021
16.00h - 17.30h
Expert Debate
This format includes the presentation and discussion of emerging topics and trends, new and fresh approaches and ideas by guests who are experts in their field, with lots of space for active engagement of and discussions with the participants of the session.
Virtual Session 18

Synergizing Nonviolent Action and Peacebuilding

Nonviolent social movements often play a crucial role in mobilising local populations for peace and setting the stage for conflict transformation. Yet peacebuilders often struggle in knowing how to engage with movements, while movement activists are often skeptical of peacebuilding. In this session we will discuss ongoing research on the roles that movements play in peace processes, and inversely on the role of mediation and dialogue in conflicts involving mass protest movements, followed by presentation of an innovative training program in “Synergizing Nonviolent Action and Peacebuilding” (SNAP) spearheaded by the U.S. Institute of Peace, which brings together skills and tools from both communities for more effective conflict transformation.

The session will be highly interactive, with (1) brief opening statements from panelists, followed by (2) example exercises from the SNAP training program and (3) discussion with session attendees on how to integrate movements in their own work.


Alba Purroy
Creemos Alianza Ciudadana, Venezuela
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Dr. Jonathan Pinckney
United States Institute of Peace, United States
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Véronique Dudouet
Berghof Foundation, Germany
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The FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum is a series of events on current and overarching challenges and trends in peacebuilding. With the Peacebuilding Forum, we want to provide future-oriented impulses for the development of peacebuilding and strengthen the visibility and importance of the policy field in its entirety.


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