Bana Group for Peace and Development, Sudan

Civil Peace Service (CPS)

KURVE Wustrow

29 April 2021
14.00h - 15.30h
Peer Exchange
Designed in an interactive, participatory fashion, this format is all about engaging the audience. The focus is on mutual learning, e.g. by participants sharing lessons learnt and experiences with specific apraoches or tools.
Virtual Session 20

Increased Political Participation of Multiple Discriminated Women in Sudan

The session will shed light on the needs and demands of marginalized women with regards to the post-revolution transition period in Sudan, and approaches on making these voices heard and taken into account in the shaping of the new system. It furthermore will focus on lessons learnt from the cooperation project between the Sudanese Bana network of WHRD and KURVE Wustrow, with regards to:

  • How is intersectionality relevant to the setup of a cooperation?

  • How can intersectionality (or rather intersectional discrimination) be addressed with an empowerment approach?

  • How can participatory action research be a part of this empowerment process in times of political transitions?

  • Which dynamics foster and hinder participation of marginalized women in a transition time after a nonviolent revolution?


Mai Ali Shatta
Kurve Wustrow, Germany
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Safa Ibrahim Abdelrahim Osman
Bana Group for Peace and Development
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Samia Ali Hamza Ali
Bana Group for Peace and Development
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Mai Ali Shatta
Kurve Wustrow, Germany
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Nicola Busse
Kurve Wustrow, Germany
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