Brot für die Welt

27 April 2021
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Peer Exchange
Designed in an interactive, participatory fashion, this format is all about engaging the audience. The focus is on mutual learning, e.g. by participants sharing lessons learnt and experiences with specific apraoches or tools.
Virtual Session 4

How Fighting Terrorism Can Harm Civil Society Peace Building and What We Can Do Against It

In recent years, non profit organisations (NPOs) around the world have faced operational and legal restrictions due to counter-terrorism regulations. Banks have blocked or closed accounts of organisations working in fragile states and conflict zones; laws have been enacted to restrict foreign funding or to introduce burdensome governance and audit requirements; human rights defenders have been prosecuted; and the right to protest has been limited. This has had a negative effect on NPOs’ abilities to implement activities and protect the needs of beneficiaries, especially in fragile states and conflict areas. These restrictions are often justified by citing the requirements of the Financial Action Task Force – an international body fighting terrorism and money laundry.

We would like to have a look in this session on how the FATF works , how antiterrorism measures linked to the FATF effect the NPO sector and what civil society can do to prevent negative effects .


Karen Janjua
Community World Service Asia, Pakistan
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Thalia Malmberg
Human Security Collective, The Netherlands
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Christine Meissler
Brot für die Welt, Germany
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