05 May 2021
11.30h - 13.00h
Plenary Session

Awareness, Commitment, Change: Towards a Partnership of Equals

The call for a shift from the traditional “donor-recipient” dependency of the past towards a “partnership of equals” is a recurring motive in today’s peacebuilding discourse. To move from endorsement to action, the global community with its very diverse stakeholders would be well-advised to address the barriers to equal partnerships. In addition, bridging the gap between local, national and international peacebuilding would be essential for sustainable peacebuilding. Both could enable the global community to improve its performance in translating realities into politics and thus ensuring that critical issues of the future are tackled. As we are living in times of shrinking civic space, especially for peacebuilders and human rights defenders, but also in times of political de-prioritization of peacebuilding and conflict prevention in general, this could be more important than ever. The first plenary session of the FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum will therefore discuss how the perspectives and expertise of local stakeholders can be reconciled with the often top-down demands and approaches of donors, state as well as implementing and not-for-profit organization). The following questions are relevant:

  • How can the top-down demands of donors be reconciled with the bottom-up perspectives of local stakeholders?

  • What are best practices and innovative efforts for self-critical, inclusive and effective local-international peacebuilding partnerships?

  • What blind spots need to be revealed and translated into policies and practices? Moreover, are we tackling the central issues at the right time?


Dylan Mathews
Peace Direct, United Kingdom
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Hajer Sharief
Together we build it, Libya
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John Nkum
Organization Development Centre, Ghana
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The FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum is a series of events on current and overarching challenges and trends in peacebuilding. With the Peacebuilding Forum, we want to provide future-oriented impulses for the development of peacebuilding and strengthen the visibility and importance of the policy field in its entirety.


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