Dr. Yuliya Erner

Dr. Yuliya Erner, was born in Simferopol (Ukraine). After obtaining her B.A. degree in Arts of German Philology and gathering experiences as a translator for German and English in a private enterprise, she went to Germany, where she studied political science at the Free University Berlin and completed her doctoral thesis on the role of political elites in the process of democratic transformation in Ukraine (1991-2012) at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Between and during the periods of study she worked in non-governmental sector and academic cooperation projects focussing on promotion of civil society structures and dialogue between societies in Eastern Europe and on the post-Soviet space. Since 2016 she works for DRA, where she currently coordinates a project „Dialogue for understanding and justice: European NGOs working together for conflict resolution in Donbas” and is involved in the activities of the international civil society platform CivilM+ for conflict resolution in eastern Ukraine.