Romantsova Oleksandra

Romantsova Oleksandra was born in 1985 in Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

She studied at the private University of Economics and Law KROK in Kyiv, where she obtained a Master's degree in International Economics and received a second Master's degree in Project Management. Starting with the tragic events of November 30, 2013, Oleksandra became an active volunteer at the public initiative "Euromaidan-SOS". Since May 2014, Oleksandra has started her professional career as a human rights defender at the Center for Civil Liberties (CCL). Until end of 2016 - Oleksandra coordinated the project of mobile observation of human rights violations and war crimes in eastern Ukraine and monitored political persecution in the occupied Crimea. From 2015 until now, Oleksandra is also responsible for the international advocacy of the results of the CCL. Since September 2017, Oleksandra has the position of deputy Head of Board of the "Center for Civil Liberties".