Père William Fils Tcheumtchoua Nzali is a Cameroonian national and Jesuite priest. For many years he has been engaged in education and social apostolate, particularly as Prefect of Studies and Director of the Libermann College, then as Chaplain of the Douala Central Prison for 6 years and after that as diocesan and provincial Coordinator of the Service for Integral Human Development (Justice and Peace) of Douala.

In addition to his justice and peace work, since 2015 he has been the Assistant to the Provincial of the Jesuits of the Jesuit Province of French-speaking West Africa covering 14 countries.

On behalf of the archdiocese of Douala Pére William is  cooperation partner of the Cicil Peace Service-programme of AGEH (Association for Development Cooperation)  in Cameroun since 2010.