Nina Tsikhistavi-Khutsishvili

Ms. Nina Tsikhistavi-Khutsishvili, Director (2017) and elected Chair of the Board (2013) of the International Center on Conflict and Negotiation (ICCN) is actively working in the field of peace, conflict resolution and promoting non-violent approaches to disputes through gender equality, human rights approaches, same time advocating for women’s rights since 1996. Initiated and coordinated several large-scale programs to ensure the CSO’s participation in negotiations (Track 2 and Track 1,5) and peace processes (CBM), ensure women’s participation in mediation, positive peace building, and elaboration of  Legal Mechanisms in order to combat domestic violence, promote institutional machinery for gender equality and create effective mechanisms in Georgia, involving governmental agencies and SCOs.

Ms. Tsikhistavi-Khutsishvili initiated and participated in numerous researches in the field of conflict and gender studies. She is an editor of number of books:  “Training Modules in Gender Equality, Tolerance and Diversity”, 2015; “Training Modules in Conflict Resolution, Peacebuilding and Conflict Peaceful Transformation”, 2015; “War, Justice, Peace” (contains legal representation in domestic and international levels of 2008 War victims, 2010); “Gender Equality in Georgia, 2006-2009”, 2009; “Multy-Component Study of Domestic Violence in Georgia”, 2006; “Women Profiling the Situation in Georgia”, 2004. She is a researcher and co-author of “IDP Women’s Rights Violation” (2008), “Trafficking in Women” (2000), “Hidden Female Discrimination” (1999).
Ms. Tsikhistavi-Khutsishvili is a Doctoral Researcher (Social and Political Sciences) at the Tbilisi State University (TSU) (2014), working on the thesis: “The Role of Leader Women in Conflict Resolution’; she holds M.S. in Biology (1993), and M.S. in Agricultural and Natural Sciences (1989).