Megan Price

Megan Price is the Head of Office for the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL). With over ten years of experience researching interventions in fragile and conflict affected settings, Megan has engaged with rule of law and security sector reform programs of the EU, UNDP, DPKO, DfID and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As Head of the KPSRL Secretariat she leads a small, Hague-based team focused on the generation, exchange, and uptake of evidence to strengthen the security and rule of law policies and programs of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its civil society and multilateral partners.

Prior to heading the KPSRL Secretariat, Megan was a Senior Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute’s Conflict Research Unit, specialized in international security and rule of law assistance, with a particular focus on how security arrangements reflect and shape power dynamics embedded within societies and communities.