Marwa Al-Sabouni a Syrian architect and author. She has a PhD in Islamic Architecture and runs a private studio with her partner in their city Homs. She is the co-founder of Arch-news ( the world's first and only website dedicated to architectural news in Arabic and the winner of Royal Kuwaiti award for best media project in the Arab World 2010.

Her writings have been published in RIBA Journal, Architectural Review, Wall Street International Magazine, Standpoint Magazine, and others. And she has been a public speaker in different international platforms around the world.  

Her book acclaimed The Battle for Home (Thames & Hudson 2016) was chosen in the Guardian as one of best five architectural books in 2016. The Architectural Digest listed her as one of the top contenders for the Pritzker Prize 2018. Her TED Talk was selected among the Best TED Talks of 2016 and was viewed over 900K times.