Lea Baroudi

Lea Baroudi is a Lebanese activist working to foster cultural and religious pluralism through peace-building activities that focus on art, culture and human rights. She is a founding Member and Director of MARCH, a Lebanese non-profit organization that seeks to strengthen civil rights, engender tolerance, foster diversity and social stability, and promote equality in Lebanon. Under her leadership, MARCH successfully lobbied for laws to lift censorship and mobilized public support for freedom of expression. Ms. Baroudi’s efforts to fight for women’s rights have received praise from the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation which named MARCH as one of the most successful organizations for advocacy and policy dialogue in the Mediterranean region. A certified professional mediator, Ms. Baroudi specializes in inter-faith and sectarian mediation and has initiated and worked actively on peace-building projects that use art, culture and economic development to resolve conflict and counter radicalization among youth in Lebanon. She was recently a fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy In Washington DC working on conflict resolution and countering extremism and has participated in panels and working groups on that topic in various policy and development institutes such as the Washington Institute, the Atlantic Council and the World Bank.