Dmitry Makarov

Dmitry Makarov is the co-chair of the Coordinating Council of the International Youth Human Rights Movement, a youth network for human rights, uniting activists from many countries and aiming to form a new generation of human rights defenders. He is also the youngest member of Moscow Helsinki group, the oldest functioning human rights organization in the post-Soviet space.

He initiated and participated in many civil and human rights initiatives, including Legal Team for Activists (around the 2006 G8 Summit) and the Joint Public Monitoring Team from May 2012.

Since its inception, he has participated in the International Observation Mission of the Committee for International Control over the Situation of Human Rights in Belarus, as well as in the Crimean Field Human Rights Mission. Has been present as a human rights monitor in Crimea in March 2014 and in Donetsk in May 2014 and continues to be involved in a number of joint Russian-Ukrainian initiatives. He studied conflict resolution and group facilitation and helped to launch several peace initiatives, including Contact4Peace and Lights of Eirene.