Parallel Session 6 | Create | 13 June 2018, 13.30h - 17.00h | Room 1.03

Urban rebuilding beyond bricks and mortar – Toward a new architecture for durable peace for the MENA region


The session will focus on urban rebuilding from a multidisciplinary perspective, bringing together experiences in reconstruction, reconciliation, psychosocial support, peacebuilding, architecture, culture and heritage conservation. For that purpose, we will invite communities of experts and practitioners from the MENA region and beyond who are not often in the same room in order to share experiences and develop new ideas. 

The session will produce policy recommendations for the context of urban rebuilding for peace. These recommendations will become part of the World Bank Flagship Report “Building for Peace in the MENA region” that will be published in late 2019. Given the rapid urbanization in the region, which is also a result of massive internal displacement and refugees, it is crucial to understand the role rebuilding cities and towns can have in the process of reviving the social fabric, revitalising the economy and re-empowering people, and in contributing to durable peace.


3 hour deep-dive session.




  • Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  • World Bank