Session 3 | Reflect | 13 June 2018, 13.30h - 15.00h | Room 4.09

From policy to implementation: utilizing the instrument of UNSCR 1325 to promote peacebuilding


In cooperation, the Swiss Platform for Peacebuilding (KOFF) and the German Heinrich-Böll-Foundation (hbs) will bring together partners and member organisations to discuss the implementation of UNSCR 1325 on women, peace and security (WPS), and to share relevant experiences from civil society at the political and practical level. As a starting point, the hbs-partner from Israel ‘Itach-Maaki – Women Lawyers for Social Justice’ will present how UNSCR 1325 is incorporated into Israeli laws and institutions, the role of diverse women organizations in promoting UNSCR  1325 implementation and how UNSCR 1325 is perceived and used at the grassroots level. Experts from KOFF will present their current project associated with the findings of the Swiss Civil Society Alternative Report on the Swiss National Action Plan (NAP) 1325. In a joint debate, the panel will address opportunities and challenges of UNSCR 1325 for enhancing peace and security in conflict contexts. The discussion will include the relevance and gaps of UNSCR 1325 for women’s everyday experiences, civil society contributions to UNSCR 1325 implementation, inclusive policy dialogue and advocacy for WPS issues in politics and the public, and mechanisms to ensure accountability, among others.


Short debates.



  • Anat Thon-Ashkenazy, Itach-Maaki, Women Lawyers for Social Justice, Israel
  • Netta Loevy, Itach-Maaki, Women Lawyers for Social Justice, Israel
  • Carmen Meyer, cfd, the feminist Peace Organisation, Switzerland


  • Anna Leissing, The Swiss Platform for Peacebuilding (KOFF), Switzerland


  • The Swiss Platform for Peacebuilding (KOFF)
  • Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (hbs)