Session 17 | Create | 14 June 2018, 10.45h - 12.15h | Room 1.02

Knowledge for peace – how to share it and how to make use of it?


The spectrum of experts seeking to contribute to conflict prevention and peacebuilding ranges from local and international NGOs on the ground and international agencies to national administrations, politicians and academia. They all create and command diverse types of “knowledge”. The problem, however, is how to communicate and share it across the various fields.

In this session, we like to instigate an exchange among participants from research, practice and policy on how we can improve our efforts of joint (interdisciplinary) knowledge creation and how we can organize and improve linkages between research, policy and practice. Therefore, we would like to exchange experiences about barriers and enabling factors for sharing knowledge and making use of it, about how we can gain a better understanding of the demands for knowledge and what kind of innovative ideas may help us to improve the flow of knowledge across all levels and fields.


At the beginning of the session we will ask participants to list on pin boards 1) examples of their specific demands for knowledge and 2) in what forms this knowledge they need is supplied, 3) suggest why -from their point of view - their needs and the knowledge supplied do not always match.

We will then ask our three input givers to share their experience with organizing and improving the linkage between research, policy and practice with reference to the points raised on the pin boards, thus starting a discussion on new approaches to the joint creation and sharing of knowledge and collecting ideas on how to instigate knowledge flows.





  • Institute for Development and Peace (INEF)
  • German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF)