Parallel Session 14 | Reflect | 14 June 2018, 10.45h - 12.15h | Room 1.01

Conflict transformation in Donbas: dialogue between human rights activists and peacebuilders


The aim of the session is to reflect the complex relationship between human rights defenders and peace builders in the context of the violent conflict in eastern Ukraine. In doing this, a reference will be taken to the content of the workshop, organised in November 2017 by the DRA (German-Russian Exchange) and swisspeace in the framework of the Civil Solidarity Platform, which brought together civil society actors from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, and Netherlands, representing both approaches in the framework of their work in Donbas. After giving a short overview on the complexity of the conflict perspectives from Ukraine, Donetsk/Luhansk People's Republic, Russia and an international perspective, we invite the participants to bring their experience and knowledge and reflect on challenges and opportunities of the cooperation between peace builders and human rights defenders with the goal of a peaceful conflict transformation in eastern Ukraine.


Short input on the conflict in Donbas, presented from the points of view of social actors from Ukraine, Russia, Western Europe. Followed by a short facilitated debate on 1-2 particular issues. The participants of the session are invited to take up roles as human rights defenders and peace builders from different sides of the conflict and reflect on challenges and opportunities such cooperation offer, share their experiences and come up with new ideas to make a relationship between two approaches mutually enriching.




  • Civic Solidarity Platform 
  • German-Russian Exchange (DRA)