Parallel Session 10 | Create | 13 June 2018, 15.30h - 17.00h | Room 6.01

The violent peace – lessons from Central America for Colombia’s post-agreement phase


The session aims at discussing the challenge of dealing with violence and its factors that remain and evolve after a peace agreement, with a regional focus on Latin America. While Colombia has supposedly ended its main armed conflict after five decades with the 2016 Peace Agreement, a look at Central America shows that violence has not ceased at all during the so-called peace. We will discuss what factors for violence remain and have to be dealt with.


The session brings together individuals and organisations working in and on Colombia and/or Central America to discuss the challenges and how to confront them.

We will start with questions from Colombia and a discussion in an interactive format drawing on what Guatemalan/Salvadorian actors share about their experience in dealing with the challenges of implementing peace agreements and dealing with violence in the region.





  • Berghof Foundation
  • Civil Peace Service (CPS)/ GIZ