Iulia Kharashvili

Iulia Kharashvili, Chair person of IDP Women Association “Consent” in Georgia–NGO working on protection of rights of IDP and conflict affected women. Professional physicist, after war in Abkhazia (1992-93) and displacement, together with colleagues created NGO to support internally displaced women. In 1995 joined UN Volunteers team in Georgia, working on confidence building measures in postconflict situation, later workedin UNDP project “New Approach to IDP Assistance. During 2008 war, helped Governmental team to organize assistance to newly displaced. Is a member of Coordination Group on the Georgia’s NAP on Women, Peace and Security. In 2014 participated in the Global Study on the impact of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325. For work in civil sector awarded by the High Commissioner for Refugees in 2002 and by “Voices of Courage” in 2004. Married, has two sons.