Conference Reader

The conference reader is a collection of selected materials related to the Peacebuilding Forum.

Plenary Session 1: What space for peacebuilding in a complex world?

Planning for Systemic Impact
Robert Ricigliano, in: Daniela Körppen, Norbert Ropers and Hans J. Giessmann (Eds): The Non-Linearity of Peace Processes -Theory and Practice of Systemic Conflict Transformation

Clarity, Coherence and Context. Three Priorities for Sustainable Peacebuilding
Cedric de Coning | NUPI | 2010

Education, change and peacebuilding
Professor Lynn Davies | FriEnt Essay | 2013

Plenary Session 2: International Dialogue, New Deal and Post-2015 Development Agenda – Adequate responses to greater complexity?

A New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States

Wicked Problems in Peacebuilding and Statebuilding: Making Progress in Measuring Progress Through the New Deal
Erin McCandless | Global Governance 19 | 2013

The New Deal: g7+ Experiences and Perspectives
Speech delivered by Lancedell Mathews on behalf of the IDPS CSO Network at the UN High-Level side event on 26 September 2012

A New Deal for Fragile States: International Engagement after Busan
Workshop Report
Marc Baxmann | Johannes Hamacher | Andreas Wittkowsky | FriEnt  | 2012

Peace and state-building – a need for change
Habib Ur Rehman Mayar | FriEnt Impulse article | 2012

Post-2015 – treading the path to peace
Larry Attree | FriEnt Impulse article | 2012

Parallel Session 2: Advancing Security Governance

Security in post-conflict contexts: What counts as progress and what drives it?
Craig Valters, Gideon Rabinowitz and Lisa Denney | ODI Working Paper 04 | 2014

Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2151 (2014), Security Council Underscores Need for National Ownership of Security-Sector Reform
UN Security Council | April 2014

Guns, Drugs and Dollars: Getting Global Drivers of Local Violence on the Post-2015 Agenda

UN SC Resolution 2151 - Need for national ownership of security-sector reform
United Nations | 2014

Parallel Session 3: Linking Human rights, justice and peacebuilding

Rethinking Conflict Transformation from a Human Rights Perspective
Michelle Parlevliet | Berghof Handbook | 2009

Human Rights and Conflict Transformation
Véronique Dudouet, Beatrix Schmelzle | Berghof Handbook | 2010
I cannot feel good if my neighbor does not
Helena Rill, Ivana Franovic | Centre for Nonviolent Action | 2009

Transitional Justice and the Post-2015 Development Agenda
Pablo de Greiff | FriEnt | 2013

Parallel Session 4: Improving natural resource management for peacebuilding

Land Tenure Conflict Management– Opportunities and Risks of the FAO Voluntary Guidelines
Maria Guglielma da Passano | FriEnt Impulse article | 2013

Land, conflict and the challenge of pro-poor peacebuilding
Saturnino M. Borras Jr., Jennifer C. Franco | FriEnt Essay | 2011

Toolkit and Guidance for Preventing and Managing Land and Natural Resources Conflict Land and conflict

Critical Reflection on ‘Land Grabbing’ in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Contexts
A. Graf, C. Kruckow, S. Gemperle | KOFF, FriEnt | 2013


Parallel Session 5: The renaissance of social services for peacebuilding

Peace dividends and Beyond - Contributions of Administrative and Social Services to Peacebuilding
UNPBSO | 2012

The Role of Social Services for Peacebuilding
Anita Ernstorfer | FriEnt Impulse article | 2013

Linking Peacebuilding and Health in Post-conflict Settings
Lisa J. Laplante | FriEnt Essay | 2011

State-building, Peace-building and Service Delivery in Fragile and Conflict-affected states
Save the children | 2012

Plenary Session 3: Rethinking the Peacebuilding Agenda

Fixing Obstacles Blocking a Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Peace and Development
Lisa Schirch | FriEnt Essay | 2011

Challenges for Development-oriented Peace Work: Old and New Ways Forward
Natascha Zupan | FriEnt Essay | 2011

Peacebuilding 2.0: Mapping the Boundaries of an Expanding Field
Alliance for Peacebuilding | 2012

Understanding Peacebuilding as Essentially Local
Cedric de Coning | Stability Journal | 2(1): 6, pp. 1-6

Relational Sensibility and the 'Turn to the Local': Prospects for the Future of Peacebuilding
Wren Chadwick, Tobias Debiel, Frank Gadinger (eds.) | With contributions from Volker Boege, Morgan Brigg, David Chandler, Kai Koddenbrock, and Louise Wiuff Moe | Global Dialogues 2, Duisburg 2013

Creating an enabling peacebuilding environment. How can external actors contribute to resilience?
ACCORD Policy & Practice Brief 28 | Gustavo de Carvalho, Cedric de Coning and Lesley Connolly