Interview with Rahul Chandran, United Nations University, Centre for Policy Research

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Showdown or slowdown? The UN and peacebuilding in 2015

Marius Müller-Hennig, FriEnt/Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

In her FriEnt essay on “Peacebuilding at the UN over the last ten years”, Vanessa Wyeth stated in 2011 that “(i)f the last decade has proved anything, it is that, however flawed, the UN has a unique legitimacy and indispensible role to play in peacebuilding”. At that time, however, the discussion about peacebuilding was on the political backburner and practical interest among peacebuilders outside the UN in coordinating and cooperating with the UN in peacebuilding appeared to be rather limited. This fall might be different, both politically and operationally. This blog post fleshes out some reasons why this might be the case.

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