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A praxis journey: peacebuilding, natural resource management and development actors

Lancedell Mathews, NARDA

The quest for peace in the world has taken nations and peoples down diverse paths – the paths of freedom and justice, the way of democracy and human rights, and the road of security and now natural resource management. The lesson we are learning from these journeys is that the values of peace are overarching and must be reflected in local, national and international economics or politics, business and industry as well as the social and cultural everyday life of people everywhere. Natural resources and its ownership, use and how it is administered has for very many years now been called into question and the rich experience of how we have managed it in the past whether through ideas of imperialism, and colonialism, communism or capitalism and now natural resource management must be harnessed and used for promoting a peaceful world.

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Peacebuilding: the role of natural resource management

Oli Brown

The role of natural resources in causing violent conflict has been much discussed, leading to the appearance of terms such as ‘blood diamonds’, ‘conflict minerals’, and the ‘resource curse’. A raft of different initiatives has sprung up to address these challenges: the Kimberley Process, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and the EU Forest Law Governance and Trade initiative (EU-FLEGT). There has also been much discussion, and some practical examples, of how shared environmental challenges (such as pollution or climate change) or common resources (transboundary water, for example) can help to bring groups together and encourage dialogue and cooperation.

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